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Jens & Ralf


»Tobias trusted that we would make it, and he was there when we needed him.«


EKK & Co.

»Since our entry in 2001, I have always firmly believed that Jens, Ralf, and their team will succeed in filling stadiums with the ESL.«


EKK & Co.

»We know how important a strong sales team is, and Mario certainly sets the benchmark here.«


Data Collect

»EKK & Co. broadens our perspective right where we might also have blind spots ourselves.«



»With Roman, I can be completely open. We work together on the issues that matter, and often, they are not just numbers.«


EKK & Co.

»We've helped Sebastian shape the company according to his vision. He is passionate about what he does, and that enthusiasm is contagious for everyone involved.«


EKK & Co.

»Making complex acquisitions simple is a rather complex task. Christian, Gary, and Marc are a unique trio.«

Christian, Gary & Marc


»Having a partner in equity who supports us not only financially but also in terms of content and on a personal level makes a huge difference.«

Holistic Growth Investing

Holistic Growth Investing

Success can indeed be measured through metrics, but not exclusively so. Experienced entrepreneurs often define success holistically. It requires various elements that ideally complement each other well. Personal growth, financial success, economic significance, and societal relevance are success components for us, and they may not always carry the same level of importance at all times. However, in a fulfilling entrepreneurial career, these elements mutually reinforce one another. We support our portfolio companies in keeping an eye on all the essential dimensions of success and, above all, in developing them.


Personal Growth

Personal growth is definitely a success factor to which, in our opinion, not enough attention can be devoted. Building or further developing a company brings various challenges, and for many, it requires experience and interpersonal qualities, such as when dealing with negotiations and conflicting goals. However, the task of managing one's own resources and capabilities as an entrepreneur also demands a high degree of reflection. Personal growth is the prerequisite for business growth.


Financial Success

Financial success is not everything, but without financial success, everything is nothing. At least in the business context, this is undoubtedly true. Being in the black not only provides the company with more room to maneuver but also benefits the entrepreneurs and investors responsible for it. Considering the collective investment of time, energy, and money, a correspondingly motivating return is a prerequisite and the result of our actions for all parties involved.


Economic Impact

To witness how a company leaves its mark on its industry, shifts established benchmarks, delights its customers, and even outpaces the competition... all of this leads to moments of well-deserved entrepreneurial pride that many founders remember throughout their lives. Investment successes can also be achieved on the world's stock exchanges, but experiencing the growing economic significance of one's own actions and ideas in "real life" is a dimension of success that is truly priceless.


Societal Relevance

We live in a time when corporate success is no longer discussed independently of its social consequences and impacts. While such goals and regulations do introduce complexity in many areas, they also create numerous opportunities to make a positive difference. Through ecologically, socially, and economically more sustainable products or services. In the service of all of us.

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Outstanding teams can be found in every industry. We therefore do not limit our focus to individual industries. For us, passion and ambition, coupled with hard work and talent, are the basis for cooperation. We see the teams behind the companies as more than just a decision-making factor in our investment selection. Rather, they are the target of our investment throughout the entire investment cycle. Personal growth leads to company growth. We also apply the following criteria to our investments.


Company Stage

We invest in companies that have found the Product Market Fit and are ready for further scaling. Here, we assist in taking the next significant growth step.


Capital Needs

With our investments, we assist in generating growth and achieving profitability. We don't think in Series A, B, C, etc., or simply finance for x months, only to rely on further funding afterward.


Growth Potential

As an Early Growth Investor, we finance the next major growth phase. We are particularly interested in business models that can scale rapidly and have high market growth potential.


Shareholder Structure

We aim for the founders to maintain the majority not only at the time of our investment but also during the company sale. We want shared interests not only in the business but also in the investment case.


Some describe EKK & Co. as a 'professional family.' We like this image. We see confirmation of it in the extremely high percentage of entrepreneurs who remain closely connected with us years after the end of our investment. As co-investors who explore new opportunities with us. Or as capable partners to support our current investments. Is there a more beautiful display of trust?

Sherry Abuliezi,
Investment Analyst


Dr. Tobias Engelhardt,
Founding Partner


Carolin Hackl,
Office / HR Management

Karl-Friedrich Kaupp,
Founding Partner

Georg Kiefer,
Founding Partner


Roman Loch,
Managing Partner


Stefan Mertel,
Managing Partner


Moritz Reck,
Investment Manager


Till J. Richter,
Operating Partner


Sarah Wittig,
Operating Partner


Maxi Zimmermann,


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October 4, 2023

Our team briefly introduced: Sherry Abuliezi

The newest member of our team answered a few questions for us.

How long have you been with EKK & Co.?

I've been with EKK & Co. since September 2023.

What are your main responsibilities at EKK & Co.?

My primary responsibilities at EKK & Co. are in deal flow management and overseeing our portfolio companies. I'm particularly involved in projects focused on companies like SMAFO, jonnyfresh, and XPLN. These tasks allow me to actively participate in the investment process and drive the development of our portfolio companies.

How do you start your day?

My day typically starts with a hot cup of coffee to help me stay awake and focused. After that, I take some time to review the latest news and developments in the industries we operate in. This helps me start the workday well-informed. I enjoy reading a wide range of news sources, including online news sites, business magazines, and specialized industry reports. It's important for me to stay well-informed to track developments in various sectors and markets, which is crucial for our work at EKK & Co.

If you could choose, which exciting industry should EKK & Co. invest in?

If I could choose, EKK & Co. should definitely invest in industries that improve or simplify people's lives. This could encompass everything from renewable energy to the healthcare sector. The focus should be on supporting innovative solutions that have a positive impact on society.

What inspires you?

I'm inspired by people who have a positive attitude and actively work to help others and contribute to making the world a better place. It's impressive to see people using their skills and resources to make a real difference. This inspiration drives me to work towards similar goals in my role at EKK & Co.

What has been your best professional decision so far?

My best professional decision so far has undoubtedly been joining EKK & Co. and working with such competent and dedicated colleagues. The opportunity to work on challenging projects and learn from my colleagues has significantly advanced my professional development. It's an inspiring environment that allows me to continuously grow and improve my skills.

Dear Sherry, welcome to the EKK & Co. family. Thank you for your comprehensive answers!

September 12, 2023

Business Round Table: How can remote work succeed in the long term?

Event for Portfolio Companies with Insights from Building Better Teams.

Working from home has become a part of daily life for many professional groups. But how does one lead teams in this setting, with people one may rarely see in person? How do you keep everyone motivated and focused? In September 2023, the EKK & Co. Business Roundtable addressed this topic.

Home Office for Everyone

Tobias Günther, who has been studying team leadership for years, provided the professional introduction to the topic. Since March 2023, he has been doing so under the name 'Building Better Teams,' a masterclass for building and leading decentralized teams. In his presentation, he introduced 10 specific tips for developing successful and healthy remote teams. The principles of remote work can make organizations more flexible, productive, and resilient when approached correctly.

Following this, the founders had the opportunity to exchange ideas in short breakouts, following insights from Tobias Günther and co-founder Kai Blisch, sharing challenges and best practices.

All Together at One - Virtual - Table

At regular intervals, all portfolio companies of EKK & Co. come together to exchange ideas on interesting topics, as the challenges faced by founders are often quite similar. EKK & Co. organizes the so-called Roundtable - often in a virtual form - thus, in a decentralized manner.

Learn more about Tobias Günther, Kai Blisch und Building Better Teams

April 18, 2023

Market leader in laundry services, Jonny Fresh, secures multi-million-dollar follow-up funding for further expansion.

Institutional investor VZB, the pension fund of the Berlin Dental Chamber, joins as an investor in the cleaning specialist Jonny Fresh.

Stuttgart/Munich: The Stuttgart-based early-stage investor ENGELHARDT KAUPP KIEFER & Co. (EKK & Co.) is entering into a partnership with PROBIS, a provider and developer of cloud-based multi-project control software for the real estate industry. In recent years, PROBIS has already gained significant market share and now annually manages around 100 project developments throughout Germany, as well as in Austria, Spain, and Portugal, including major projects such as airports, office buildings, and residential quarters.

In collaboration with EKK & Co. and the existing investor mantro, who also participated in the investment round, PROBIS aims to further enhance its consistent and substantial growth from previous years. EKK & Co. brings over 20 years of experience in corporate investments and product scaling, supporting PROBIS in gaining additional market share across Europe. Resources and expertise from the PropTech and FinTech sectors will be combined to further develop the PROBIS software and introduce new SaaS modules. The goal is to tailor the tool even more closely to the needs of individual user groups, transforming PROBIS into a platform with a customizable set of individual solutions such as modules for "Estimation" or "ESG." The synergy between the established multi-project control company PROBIS and EKK & Co. holds great potential for the real estate industry and its digitalization.

For more information on the new PROBIS and upcoming developments, please visit: